1. The student may start and finish the course at any time, however they should notify the fact prior to the last lesson so as to complete a questionnaire about the tutor and the course.
  2. The appointment is settled a week or at least a day before the lesson. In some cases, it is possible to postpone to lesson to a later hour, but the student must communicate with the teacher at least an hour before the lesson. Unless the information is given, the lesson must be paid.
  3. If a student wishes to have an additional lesson on a day, the time and day (if the suggested is not possible) is settled by the teacher.
  4. When there are problems with the connection, Internet or the computer, the teacher, as well as the student is required to get in touch with the other participant to notify about the problem or solve the problem within ten minutes.
  5. When there are problems with the Internet or the computer, if it is possible to prolonged the lesson on that day, or the minutes are added to the following lesson. If there is no time, the money is returned.
  6. The lessons are from Monday to Sunday, from morning to evening, it is also possible to meet during holidays or seasonal breaks.
  7. The lesson might be 30, 45, 60, or 90 minutes long – the length depends on the student.


  1. In case of online lessons, the payment in advance in required, especially prior to the very first lesson.
  2. Unless the payment has been transferred, it is not possible to conduct another lesson with the student. However, the student may provide the teacher with the money transfer confirmation.
  3. In case of lateness, up to 15 minutes, without notifying the teacher, the lesson will not be prolonged, and the money will not be returned.
  4. If the lesson is postponed to another day, the payment is also postponed, or if the student wishes, the payment might be returned. If the lesson is postponed in shorter time than an hour prior to the lesson, the money is not returned and the lesson is to be paid.
  5. If the student is absent on the lesson, without any notification, the lesson must be paid.


  1. You may pay via paypal account, also using the cart on our page. The e-mail address is
  2. You may pay via bank money transfer


  1. You pay for all the materials
  2. Additional tests
  3. Online assistance

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