Price List


The prices vary according to the language and the length of the lesson.


1 lesson: (55 min) 60 PLN

The price of a lesson for a couple or a group is settled individually according to the number of people and the lesson type.

All learning materials, tests, online assistance are included in the lesson’s fee.

The prices in Euro differ due to European Union in-between Member States VAT regulations and paypal charges.

1 lesson - 15 EURO

English – 60-minute lesson costs 60 PLN


Ukrainian - 60-minute lesson costs 40 PLN



1 lesson: (1* 50 min) 45PLN

Package of 5 lessons: (5 *50 min) - 210 PLN (42 PLN per 1 lesson)

Package of 10 lessons: (10 * 50 min)- 400 PLN (40 PLN per 1 lesson)

English lessons

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