Why lessons online?

If you have been wondering about the pros and cons of such education, here are the basic ones:

  • Comfort

    You do not need to go out, as well as clean the house to host the tutor. All you need is a computer and the headset. You may have the lesson lying in the warm bed.
  • Flexibility

    As commuting is not involved, we may freely change the dates or hours of the meetings.
  • The lesson is alike traditional class.

    You can learn all the aspects of the language online, grammar, listening, reading, or writing. Should you worry about its success, rest assured, the cutting-edge technology allows to practice all skills.
  • Lesser anxiety

    As the lesson is entirely online, we do not care about what you look like, how you behave in stressful situations. If you want, you may use an online dictionary, you can count on our full respect regardless of who you are.
  • Clear and Useful Notes.

    The notes are typed thus you do not need to worry about anybody’s handwriting. We also provide you with necessary grammar explanations or pronunciation hints.
  • 6) You do not waste time on getting ready for the lesson.

    As you do not commute, you also do not need the time that is usually necessary with preparing for the lesson, either the time that is spent on taking off your coat, shoes, or the time you are waiting for the teacher to come. You call when you are fully ready for the lesson. All the other details are discussed after the lesson, or via e-mail.
  • Other advantages:

    There are plenty of interactive exercises, and also they come from genuine English-speaking countries, thus the language which is used is not artificial.



  • The greatest disadvantages might be the technology itself. If you have an old computer or slow Internet connection, we may have difficulties in proper communication as the voice breaks down, or there are some interruptions.
  • The teacher cannot lend you a book, but in some cases, we post the books, or provide you with a similar level online material.
  • If you do not like reading materials on the computer, or are not good at organizing documents, you may have some problems with managing them.




To avoid problems, you should own Internet connection of 512 Mb/s, any browser, headset and a quiet room for yourself. You do not need a webcam.

You will also need a word processor, or a pdf reader to read the notes.

English lessons

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