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The duration of each lesson is 20 minutes (all the details are discussed after the lesson)


What does the lesson look like?

As the lesson is tailored-made there are different techniques, materials, and methods used.


For example:

A conversation  lesson

Topic – celebrities

  1. The teacher show picitures of famous people
  2. Students say what they know about the people
  3. The teacher asks questions:
    1. Who is a celebrity?
    2. Is a celebrity a talented person?
    3. Would you like to be a celebrity?
  4. The teacher presents pictures of some celebrities – then and now
  5. Students compare the look of the celebrities.
  6. Quiz – Who am I? Teacher and the student guess the celebrities they are.


Lessons and methods


First and foremost, the lesson depends on the student, what they want, what they needs, expectations, and demands are. We can use only target language, or we can mix the languages depending on the topic, or grammar explanation.


Among the methods we use are:


Direct Method

The method is perfect for adults, as the lesson is conducted entirely in the target language.



The materials prepared are based on visual and auditory materials – lots of pictures and videos.



Due to constant revision of utterances, the method is perfect for children.

English lessons

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